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Social Media Marketing Company in Miami, Fl.

Social Media Consulting | Online Marketing with Social Media | Miami, FL

The social media marketing landscape is constantly evolving. What was hot yesterday is cold today! This is why you need a social media marketing agency that is up to date with the latest changes and trends managing your social media presence. At Vertical Marketing, we specialize in social media marketing and advertising for small businesses. We create and manage social media accounts so that the business owners can concentrate in running their business. Our experts will help to grow your fans, invigorate your brand and convert your social media traffic into more sales.

We facilitate communication between companies and their customers. By effectively targeting niche audiences and online communities we are able to connect potential clients with your products and services in a more intimate way than email marketing, for example.

Unlike many South Florida advertising or public relations agencies, at Vertical Marketing we offer a wide array of engagement products to keep you and your business relevant with your audience while, at the same time, continuing to plant seeds in order to grab the attentions future customers.

Why Social Media Marketing?

When people talk about social media nowadays, usually they are referring to their personal Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn profile. The reality is that today, social media has the potential to impact your business beyond that of what your personal social network is capable! In 2014 the Pew Research Center conducted a study. Highlights of the study identified that 74% of online adults use social networking sites. This number is much higher than previously thought and one that major companies are paying attention to. Social media is here to stay and is growing at a fast pace. Growing your social media following allows you to have an audience you can consistently speak to over and over again.

Why is this important?

For quite some time now, the effectiveness of printed advertising and even TV and radio commercials has been in a decline. This is due in part to the fact that more consumers today, are making decisions based on what coworkers and friends like and suggestions, rather than on advertising claims alone! Social media allows individuals to voice their opinion, make referral and share your content. Through social media your brand can become more powerful and reach a wider audience in less time and with less expense than with any other marketing channel available today. Yes it is true that many social media post don't reach their intended target audience but if we take an in-depth look at the numbers – percentage wise – it makes all the sense in the world. Aside from that, google has already acknowledged that they have started to take into account social media links. Although, we don't have a solid number as to how many of these are taken into consideration, if you are investing in SEO (and you should be), social media makes all the sense in the world.

So, what is stopping you? Time, skill, etc...? Stop worrying about your social media marketing and call Vertical Marketing; our comprehensive programs are not only affordable but proven to make huge differences in the way your customers see your brand, your business and retain loyalty!