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Miami SEO | Search Engine Optimization That Works

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After having your website designed and published you will need to help your potential customers find your website when they search for particular keywords or phrases via search engines. This process of becoming more visible to search engines is called SEO or Search Engine Optimization. If you are a website owner and still don't know about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) we suggest you take a step back and learn some basic fundamentals of what SEO is and what makes good vs bad SEO or what is often referred to as black hat SEO!

The SEO process is broken down into two different areas; on-site and off-site. On-Site SEO refers to all onsite action taken to make the website more visible to search engine. These actions include creating proper Meta Tags, making use of alt text tags, link title and others, as prescribe by Google's Webmaster Guidelines. Off-Site SEO comprises of everything that is done off site! This includes social media sharing, citation website like Google+, Yelp and Merchant Circle as well as web directories and other places where potential clients may find you.

Some facts about SEO!

Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing and even Social Media Marketing are not regulated industries or trades. This means that the number of fake, inexperience, unethical companies and individuals who engage in this type of work are a baker's dozen. However, proper search engine optimization is becoming a critical part of marketing for all businesses that have a website. As a matter of fact, in many competitive categories like bankruptcy attorney, personal injury attorney and even orthodontist, the optimization process is more important than the look of the website itself. That said, don't think that you are going to go build a WIX or Vista Print template website and expect first page ranking by means of SEO. The quality of code and content of your website accounts for about 33% of your success, when it comes to ranking your website on the first page of Google.

Vertical Marketing is an experienced SEO firm in Miami with an extensive portfolio of websites on the first page of Google. Our approach to search engine optimization is based on the needs of our clients. We don't believe in fixed price or prebuilt packages, because every website and every keyword requires a different strategy and approach.

Why does SEO cost more than a website?

Being an expert search engine optimization firm in Miami is much like a clinic or hospital. The quality of service you provide is relevant to the quality of equipment and knowledge you have. Can you imagine properly diagnosing lung cancer without MRI or even X-Rays and tests? The same holds true for SEO. Many of the tools of the trade are quite costly and the majority is subscription based, meaning this is a recurring cost to the SEO firm! For example, it will be very difficult to have a good idea of what your back link structure or keywords diversity is without This service alone is $77 per month! Another popular diagnostic tool is which is an additional $99 per month. Unless you are a full time SEO company with hundreds of clients it will be impossible to absorb this cost. It is the employment of these types of tools where the disparity between the part-timers, freelancers and offshore guys and an established Miami SEO company is more noticeable.