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Web Design Miami

Miami-Website design company-South Florida

As a Miami web design company with over 17 years of experience, we constantly run into people looking to get a website designed but who seem to have a very narrow vision of what the project should entail. That is because if you ask 100 people what a website is, less than 3% can give a solid answer. The fact is that a website, especially a business website, is not a pretty picture on the internet but rather a marketing tool to help grow your business or your brand. This means that it is supposed to be, among other things, user friendly, cross browser and device compatible. This lack of understanding is why the majority of new comers to internet marketing are so focused on looks and gimmicks. At the same time, they exercise a complete disregard for functionality and search engine friendliness.

Miami web design company

At Vertical Marketing we offer comprehensive web design packages, developed with small businesses in mind. Our goal is simply to provide professional web design services at an affordable price, capable of advancing and improving your business' visibility and online reach. You can count on us to keep you in check and help you develop the best web site you can afford.

We are a true full-service web design and development agency in Miami with a vision and record of success. Our combination of technology, experience and marketing skills makes choosing the right web design company a clear choice; and that is what it boils down to. Success or failure comes down to choices. Here are four of the most popular types of website we can deliver:

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Single Page HTML5 Landing Page

If you are on a tight budget but want to advance your brand, we recommend a professionally built custom HTML5 single page, but multi-section website. This would allow you to deploy your own domain name with a simple website that represents your business. These are not pre-built templates and every website is customized and branded to match your industry. This type of website allows you to communicate a brief message to you visitors and facilitate contact via a dedicated contact page. In many instances this type of simple website have even come up in searches due to the fact that they have full Meta Tags and enjoy our exclusive on-page SEO as with any of our other types of websites. One of the major advantages of having this simple page website is that it allows you to have your domain email accounts rather than using Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail FREE email account.

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Business Class Website

Unlike many web design companies in Miami we do not play the game of basic website, advance website, limited number of pages and or upgrade packages, when it comes to business class websites. All of our corporate websites are hosted in a private environment, CMS backend solution with unlimited number of pages accompanied by news page, newsletter tool, built-in blog, FAQ, image gallery, contact form, link exchange tool, five-sector meta tag and much more. A professionally created website has to represent your business properly. Today, more than ever, customers are highly influenced by the quality of your website when making a final decision between you and your competition. In light of this, all aspects of the graphic interface ("Look") as well as the quality of its content is imperative. Our corporate website design package allows you to do just that!

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eCatalog Website

This is quite a unique platform specifically developed for one of our largest customers. Unlike a regular eCommerce, our eCatalog does not give you the option to purchase an item; it still maintain the categories structure and product preview of a standard eCommerce website but it only allows visitors to rate the product and request information; not to check out. This type of website design is ideal for distributors and manufacturers who do not want to compete with their dealers but still want to maintain an online catalog that is easy to maintain and update. Just like our eCommerce platform our eCatalog offers you unlimited categories, three levels deep categories, up to 8 images per product, etc. 

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eCommerce Website

Our eCommerce website design package is a simple software package embedded into your corporate website that allows visitors to purchase products or services and pay online using Pay Pal, First Data or It calculates live shipping quotes from either UPS or USPS and allows you to organize the catalog into three levels deep category structure. Before you embark on an eCommerce project, we suggest you research how competitive your products are! It is in our best interest that you are successful and that we are able to fulfill all of your other business needs. Today it is very difficult to compete against the big eCommerce portals. Even companies like Best Buy have been forced to close stores and limit their online exposure. We have seen many customers get frustrated with the unfair practices of some of the leading manufacturers after investing a lot of time and money on an eCommerce website.