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A dedicated hosting service, dedicated server, or managed hosting service is a type of Internet hosting in which the client leases an entire server

Vertical Marketing's Hosting & Cloud Systems

With hundreds of active websites, Vertical Marketing cannot rely on shared hosting or even dedicated single machine infrastructure any more. This is why we have negotiated access to one of the largest network infrastructure in the US. We can now offer our Miami and International clients this access for literally pennies on the dollar. From personal hosting to dedicated hosting and cloud services, Vertical Marketing has the resources to address your web hosting and cloud computing needs!

Companies in the South East have always faced the reality of living in a hurricane prone area. Regardless of your company size, having your website hosted in Miami is a liability. Hosting Companies in Miami are subject to catastrophic weather events were for a period of time your website could be offline; your IT infrastructure can be compromised, damage or be without power for days, weeks and as with hurricane Andrew, up to a month. The Miami weather was one of the things we kept in mind when searching for a home for our network. The other was access to bandwidth! The further you are from a main connection block the slower your access and the higher the cost. Knowing that one of the largest core backbone and peering POP's in the entire US infrastructure branches out from the Midwest to the rest of the country, we have partnered up with one of the largest datacenters in Ohio with access to this network.

Our cloud and hosting network consist of:

  • Ten 1gig fiber optic lines piped into the cloud network by the 10 major ISP providers.
  • Powered by the Zen Operating System, you will boost your Online Experience.
  • Improve your Sites Load Time, which can improve your SEO Ranking.
  • Improve Traffic Flow with a more Efficient Infrastructure.
  • Unlimited Resources as you need them (Number & Size of Servers, Memory, CPU Cores, Databases, eMails, etc)
  • Scalable Storage, CPU Cores, Memory, and Bandwidth.
  • Microsoft standard 99.999 up time.
  • Professional Infrastructure with Power plan and Internet Connections.
  • Dedicated underground line from ADP.
  • Battery Backup that can Support the Data Center for 30 min.
  • Two Large Generators that kick on to run the Data Center until Power is restored with redundancies.
  • Protect your server from Unwanted Intruders.
  • Point-to-Point 2048 bit Encryption via SSL Connections.
  • Secure your E-mail with Advanced Spam Filtering Options.
  • Prevent Blacklisting with a Dedicated IP addresses.
  • Password Protect your Server and Files so only those invited can Join the Party.
  • Back up data so you don't find yourself lost or starting over.

Vertical Marketing does not have preset pricing for any given website hosting packages because each customer has individual needs and we cater to those needs. Rather than having a pre-established plan and having the customer try to fit into it; we build each hosting environment to suit the customer's specific requirements. For a personalized Website Hosting or Could Computing quote, please contact us via the contact form!