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Custom HTML Editor

What is BackOffice?

BackOffice is a proprietary CMS (Content Management System) which was developed by our web design division (NetLinks). This sophisticated content management system allows website owners greater control over their website. By that we mean, they can create, delete and deactivate any number of pages. They can manage multiple picture galleries, FAQ (frequently asked questions) tool, News Page, Newsletter with automated subscription and opt-out, Link Exchange and Blog. Managing your website with BackOffice is no different from adding content to Facebook, eBay or using Microsoft Office.

Websites developed in BackOffice consist of an images folder, a CSS (style sheet) and a Database. Unlike old style websites there is no actual website per say. The BackOffice engine renders a view to the client as requested by the browser, along with all the data as it pertains to the given ID of the page stored in the database. We have and will give FTP access to the template folder where the images and CCS style sheets reside to advance users, after they have demonstrated their capabilities. However, under no circumstances will access to BackOffice be granted! BackOffice is a hosted environment written in ASP VB for Window's Server and resides in our private network and runs on the Microsoft Server 2008 R2 64-bit platform. In the middle of 2012, we moved from a single server environment to a multi-server cloud environment. This allows several servers to share the load and compensate for spikes in traffic. Along with the cloud environment, we have implemented a new SMART RAID 5 configuration utilizing SSD drives, which gives any website hosted in this platform about an 800% faster file access capability than our former Server 2003 32-bit system with 7200-rpm hard drives.

With BackOffice, owners of small business and start-ups can compete online with companies 10-100 times their size. Vertical Marketing, by means of BackOffice, can deliver to you a powerful web presence that will rival any budget. Can you do better? Yes, you can on a starting budget of about $10,000.00. Vertical Marketing has the technical expertise and security knowhow to deploy any size environment from a PLC to a government agency. For this level of service please contacts us with details.

Why BackOffice?

Simply stated "Success", "Stability" and "Ease of use"! The number of high ranked websites using BackOffice is incredible. This is in part because, unlike 95% of all CMS system in the market place, BackOffice 3.5 generates 100% W3C Compliant HTML5 code. (Click here to validate this page).
What does this means to you? This means that your website has the widest support of devices and operating systems. Our case study as well as many others available online (here are some samples) have come to the conclusion that although it is not impossible to rank a website plagued with coding errors when two identical sites face-off in a competition for given keywords, the website with the least numbers of HTML syntax errors has the upper hand! Besides, if you are paying somebody to write HTML for your website shouldn't it be valid code?
The power of BackOffice really comes into play when the customer is coming to us from another platform i.e. AT&T Website, Yellow Pages Websites, Intuit Small Business Websites, 1 & 1 Business Websites, Joomla, Word Press and even WIX. If you adopt our design and marketing philosophy, we can guaranty you profound improvements in traffic, visibility and organic search engine ranking never experienced by your small business website before.

What is NEW in BackOffice 3.5?

We have been promising our customers BackOffice 3.5 for more than a year and as is now, it is NOT all what we intended! BackOffice 3.5 was supposed to be the HTML5 edition. The problem is that everyone (meaning Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Opera and even Firefox) has been dragging their feet to implement the new standard. Actually as of the official launch date of BackOffice 3.5 in October 2012, HTML5 was still a beta (or experimental environment). This means that neither we, nor anyone else for that matter, will be able to implement a 100% pure HTML5 syntax for another six month to a year! Therefore, we are calling BackOffice 3.5 the HTML5 Hybrid version.

We have implemented a ton of improvements while maintaining backward compatibility all the way down to Windows XP. Nevertheless, BackOffice 3.5 has many built-in improvements over its predecessor. Here are some of the most desirable:

  • W3C Compliant HTML5 validated source code
  • Hybrid 70% HTML5 / 30% XHTML syntax for maximum backward compatibility
  • A NEW and completely redesigned text/HTML editor
  • New image manager with image styling
  • One, two or three Colum page format
  • YouTube video loader
  • Custom link buttons style generator
  • A revised Meta Tag editing tool for better ranking
  • The capability of having multiple F.A.Q. pages
  • The capability of having multiple image galleries
  • On page BLOG, (This is not a plug-in). This is a 100% proprietary module
  • IP and Email Blocking tool (For them annoying SPAMMERS)
  • Newly revised news page
  • New newsletter server side sending script is friendlier to SPAM filters.
  • Probably the most important is our NEW multi-server (dynamic load compensated) hosting environment that will assure a more stable, faster reacting websites.