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How much SEO do I need?

How much SEO do I need?

It's a weekly occurrence for someone to ask how much search engine optimization they need! What many people don't take into consideration is that SEO or search engine optimization (and as a matter of fact, marketing in general) is not about you, but rather about the market and the competitiveness of your particular industry or niche market.

For example:

In Miami Lakes we only have one movie theater; The Cobb Theatre on Main Street. If you have ever visited their website you know that it is terrible. I'm talking about endless amount of ads and banners and at the time these articles were published, no meta-tags. However, if you Google Movie Theatre in Miami Lakes, The Cobb Theatres listing still comes up as number one. At the same time if we Google something like "Car Alarm Miami" you will end up with hundreds of listings completing for the first position since there are over 100 car alarm shops in Miami. This holds true for just about any industry. If there are few people competing for the first position in many occasions a professionally designed and optimized website will suffice. If you are in a highly competitive niche or market, advance SEO might be required.

How often do you have to do SEO?

This is probably the second most popular question asked by our clients. Once again, the answer is - this is not up to you! How often do you have to do an SEO campaign is 100% driven by your competition. It is almost a reactive decision rather than a proactive one. Something many people don't take into consideration is that if you achieve top ranking position, let's say, position one; by doing so, you are leaving behind whatever amount of competition you may have. Because SEO is a reactive marketing strategy those in position 2 through 10 are more likely than not, to work on their SEO to regain their position. In many cases a solid domain with a good domain authority will not fluctuate in ranking, however, many do. So after a few weeks on position number one; you may drop down to position 2, 3 and maybe even 4; due in part to no fault or your own but rather the actions of your competitors. It is at this instant when a backup SEO campaign should be deployed to regain the position.

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