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What you need to know before starting a marketing campaign!

Miami SEO is not dead! Get your website optimized today!

It is difficult to achieve success in today's competitive world without an effective marketing campaign. However, the digital marketing industry is heavily congested with want-to-be web designers and SEO experts.

Those who know us will probably freak out to hear us talk about regulation. Nevertheless, we are the first to admit that our industry's lack of regulation has become a hit and miss, unpredictable expense for website owners but specifically small business owners. So much so, that many small business owners exhibit body language signs of mistrust the minute you mention you are an Internet marketing expert. The fact is that marketing is not an expense if well executed but rather, an investment in the future of your business and your brand.

At Vertical Marketing we pride ourselves on educating our clients so that they can make educated decisions based on their budget, priority and business objectives. The fact is that your business needs marketing; so what should you do?

We're going to start by identifying some of the many marketing myths we hear on a daily base:

SEO is dead!

1000% false! However, Black hat, unethical, software driven SEO is dead. The days of ScrapeBox, GSA and Link Demon are gone. The point is that SEO was never about this or keyword stuffing or plagiarized copy and pasted content. SEO is about showing search engines different channels by which they can reach your website. It is via this channel that we described what your website is about to search bots. It is based on this information (often refer to as anchors) that we optimize your ranking for a given keyword or phrase. Yes, link building is still an effective way of doing SEO and it will be until Google's patents on page rank expire.

Social media marketing is the best!

1000% false! While Google has acknowledged that they have started to look at social media activity as a way of determining a websites importance and ranking, this percentage is insignificant in comparison to other search engine optimization techniques such as directory registration and link building. This is even truer with social media websites that are image or video based. Since neither Google nor any other search engine can read images, there is no way for it to identify an image that relates to your brand or interpret what the image is about. Social media is important but only about 10% of your SEO budget or efforts should be allocated to it. We also favor text based social media environments such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr over picture or video platforms like Instagram and or Vine.

You can do SEO on any websites!

Could you? Perhaps you can; but have you been able to get results? Unfortunately many unethical SEO companies will take your money and couldn't care less about results. At Vertical Marketing we advise clients that before they start marketing themselves or spending any money on search engine optimization, social media marketing or any type of advertising where your website is going to be the medium of communication or a place for customers to go to, they invest in a website worthy of your clients respect. Business is war and the size of the gun you bring to the battle often indicates the winner. As they say, don't bring a stick to a gun battle. Before investing any efforts in marketing make sure you have a battle ready website, with crisp graphics, full Meta tags, proper keyword density and the most important, responsive mobile capabilities!   

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