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Pay Per Click (PPC) vs. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Pay Per Click (PPC) vs. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Today I attended one of the many networking events in which I participate. There, I ran into a couple of internet marketing people claiming to be SEO Experts! This is nothing new; Miami SEO Companies are a baker's dozen, you buy twelve and you get one free!

After a few awkward moments of having member after member stopping by and saying hi, I was able to engage these two guys in a conversation. Basically, just trying to figure out what exactly they do. I soon realized after just a few moments of them explaining themselves, that this one guy doesn't actually do SEO and in fact, have no clue as to what SEO is or what it means. Their business model is based on charging customers a monthly fee; a portion of which they invest in PPC (pay per click) campaigns and banner ads.

You know what I find funny about all this?!! The fact that clients are actually paying and that they actually believe these jokers! Pay Per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are two different functions of marketing. While PPC may be considered a part of marketing, since it is paid advertising, it has nothing to do with organic traffic and or SERP (search engine results page) which is what SEO addresses!

Why is it important to understand what this means? Well, first you have to understand the farmer vs. the hunter concept. The growth of humanity as a whole exploded when humans began to farm. Farming gives us a sustainable source of food that has allowed us to survive until today! Farming allows us to have crops years round regardless of the season and once harvested allows us to have food for days, months and even years at a time. Hunting on the other hand gives us an immediate result but the minute we consume it we have to go out and hunt again.

This is the same difference between Pay Per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Those looking to build a sustainable business over time need to be investing in real Search Engine Optimization that returns results (ROI) over time. They need to distance themselves from the monetary bleeding that is Pay Per Click. Yes, Pay Per Click has its place and its function but SEO is not one of those! As a matter of fact we have recently seen a drop in ranking or (SERP) of many clients who have engaged in aggressive PPC campaigns using Google adWords. Why you may ask? Well, one of the many factors that Google measures before issuing ranking is bounce rate! This is actually one of the new graphs highlighted in the new Google Web Master Tools console. Bounce Rate - is a measurable factor that is used to interpret the quality of your website. It is stipulated that if a visitor enter your website and rapidly exist and goes back to the search page that your website is of low quality or has little or no valuable information for that visitor. Therefore it should not rank for that given keyword. It is for this reason that when we do Pay Per Click advertizing campaigns for our clients we use what is referred to as a landing page, one that we then link to the main page! It because of these little things that we say, not all Miami internet marketing companies is the same. Clients need to pay more attention to what they are paying for and demand results for their dollars. If you find yourself frustrated with the state of your marketing and have not seen the results you expected give as a try. We'll be more than open to giving you a diagnostic of what we find and options on how to fix it! 

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