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creative design company in Miami, Fl.

Web & Graphic Design, SEO, Marketing, and Printing from 1 vendor

Vertical Marketing in Miami offers a wide range of products and services dedicated to the promotion and visibility advancement of small businesses or brands. Under normal circumstances, small business owners would seek the services of a marketing agency to create a corporate ID, a web designer for the website, a commercial printer for their business cards, printed marketing material and stationary and a sign shop for their wide format advertisement such as retractable banners and indoor or outdoor banners, etc. At Vertical Marketing we have vertically stacked all these services to become a one-stop marketing source in Miami.

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Web Design

Vertical Marketing offers two different types of services for those seeking to develop or improve their web presence.

  • Managed Services - We understand that many successful businesses run a busy schedule. For these individuals we offer our managed services at a fee. These are turnkey solutions available to all of our web design customers. This service covers graphic design, content generation, SEO, directory submission, social media marketing, E-newsletter and much more.
  • Supported Services - This service level caters to the individuals with limited resources who are seeking a high-end web presence at a fraction of the cost. This usually means the customer is liable for generating content, collecting and editing graphics and updating their own website, with the support of our staff if required.

Either one of these services is available for the three major types of websites we offer (Corporate Websites, eCatalogs and eCommerce). It's important to note that even our most basic business website offers little restrictions - like some other web design companies are accustomed to imposing on clients. All of our websites are hosted on our private network and back-ended by our BackOffice CMS program. Please see the web design link for more details.

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO refers to procedures that are applied to your website or domain, both at the website level or via other external websites in order to bring added visibility, ranking and traffic to yours. In recent years SEO has become unpredictable in nature as Google, in particular, continues to change the rules of the game. This is why you need a seasoned search engine optimization agency working on your website. Getting red flagged or penalized by Google can be devastating to any business big or small, because in many cases, it can take as long as a year to recover.

Many Miami SEO agencies offer SEO packages, however, at Vertical Marketing, we believe in a diagnoses base SEO. One cannot prescribe any medication until the illness is clearly diagnosed. This mean no fixed monthly pricing or one size fits all approach. We would rather see you invest $50.00/month into SEO and stay relevant, than have you disown the entire process and see you get run over by your competition because you can't afford it! Our Search Engine Optimization techniques have a proven track record that speaks for itself; so, if you are ready to improve the ROI of your web presence give us a call!    

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Social Media Marketing

It is so difficult to explain to those who have been in business for 15 - 20 years that they have to stay relevant as far as social media is concern! Whether or not you are on Facebook, the fact is that millions of people including many of your potential customer use social media every day. In a study conducted by the Pew Research Center in January 2014, we learned that 74% of online adults use social networking sites; with Facebook and Twitter capturing the bulk of the audience. At Vertical Marketing we'll help you improve you social media footprint with an array of services such as account creation, management, and social media advertizing. Like everything in life, there is the right way and the wrong way of doing things and if social media is not something you understand, we advise you to let someone with the skill set and experience manage your accounts. On the same note we like to point out that although there is some validity to social media marketing and every major corporation including your competition has some type of presence we are not going to advice that you drop more conventional marketing, specially SEO! We find that social media still lacks the power to drive high volumes of sales especially with all the advertizing restriction imposed on users.