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Why should you consider Vertical Marketing!

Miami web designers

We often say, Miami web designers or what many claim to be Miami web design firms are a baker's dozen.

So what makes Vertical Marketing any different or unique? For starters our track record of success speaks for itself; but it is important that we define the qualifications required to execute the type of work we do; for example "web designer."

Web Designer

To us a web designer is one who can create from zero, in a plane text editor, a website that complies with W3C standards; it must be search engine and mobile friendly from the start, employs the latest technologies and its graphics must demonstrate the skill sets of a professional (not of a 7th grader)!

A "professional web designer" is not one who utilizes pre-built, boxed software or templates. These are more like data entry persons, since all they are doing is adding your information and the software is generating "the code". Some of the most popular software used today for this purpose is Joomla, WordPress, and Wix, just to mention a few. These types of boxed software mime the skill set required to create professional websites geared to compete in today's competitive market but fall way short!

Individuals who employ this approach to web design are just software users. These types of environments also come with huge security implications and a reputation of poor ranking as business marketing tools. More often than not, customers who opt for these short cuts are the same individuals seeking the services of an SEO company somewhere down the line! These types of free CMS were initially created for college students and individuals to publish content on the internet. Thus far not one has been certified as an Enterprise Class Software.

At Vertical Marketing we understand the need for a user friendly CMS and the requirements of an enterprise class solution. We have the skill set and experience to deploy any requirement a business website may need. For this purpose we have developed our own enterprise class CMS; this application is called BackOffice! BackOffice is employed by 99% of our website and has a long track record of stability and ranking success. Many of our customers using BackOffice enjoy the benefits of first page ranking with minimum or no SEO!

Unlike all the free CMS environment previously mentioned, BackOffice is an application that will be pre-configured by a professional developer for you. After it has been married to a graphic interface, advance web design skill requirements are no longer necessary and you will be able to update and modify your website as your business grows. So, whether you are starting a new business that needs a website or looking to revamp your existing web presence, consider Vertical Marketing as your web developer and you can reap benefits and success like our other customers enjoy.

Creative & Professional Graphic Design Services

The importance of Graphic Design

When it comes to Miami Graphic Design; we have to call out the lack of creativity and poor execution we run into on a daily basis. We have no objections to anyone trying their best, but businesses have to be more careful with the quality of work attached to their brand! Some of the work we see from competitors is questionable. This is due in part to mono-skilled graphic designers trying to cover many different disciplines with one tool! For example, a painter has a wide range of brushes, flat blades and other tool, because in order to achieve diverse finishes you need different tools. The same applies to Graphic Design. Despite what anyone says Adobe is the leading software package for any professional graphic design studio and is our software of choice. Therefore, it is a requirement for all of our graphic designers to be proficient in all the Adobe software we employ in the delivery of a project; these include Photoshop, Illustrator, inDesign, and Dreamweaver. It is the combination of these tools and our custom built design computers that allow us to deliver the professional graphic design projects that our clients have come to expect.

Before you decide that you can't afford the services of a professional graphic designer and opt to hire your 'cousin Benny', keep in mind that it cost more money to fix a bad image than to create a good first impression! Do not think that because you have a small budget you cannot afford the services of a Professional Marketing Agency. Call us, you will not be disappointed!